Thursday, March 16, 2006

Baby Parts

So my cute lil D was eating oatmeal this morning. Always a fun event, it was everywhere. But that's okay because he is washable (LOL). We called GG (great Grandma, my grandmother) and we chatted. He even got on the phone and in his cute little baby language told her alot of info, not sure what it was but it was so funny. When he babbles, he used his hands, rolls his eyes and it really sounds like he is answering questions. She got a good laugh out of it, she loves him so much. He is so lucky to have a GG and I am so lucky to have my Grandma!

While I was finishing up the conversation, lil D fell asleep in his highchair (not a first for my champion sleeper!) . I picked him up, cleaned him up, changed his diaper. Then he flipped over on the changing table and curled up like a little bunny. So sweet. Of course, scrapbooker mama had to take pictures.

He looked so peaceful all curled up - Those Wonderful Baby Parts; His beautiful brown eyelashes, sweet little ears, yummy little toes, soft skin on his body, Oh I am so in love. He is truly a miracle. I cherish these moments, especially now that I realize how fast he is growing; He is in his big boy bed, no more bottles, no more little baby infant clothes, walking and climbing everywhere. It is hard to believe he is a toddler but he will always be mama's baby boy.

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Karen said...

He is just so precious!!!! So glad you got picture of him and look, now you journaled for a scrapbook page too!!!

Am I the only one reading your blog?? LOL!