Friday, March 24, 2006

Cyber Crop 2006

1. computers and information systems
2. virtual realitycyberspace
3. the Internet, online

crop (krŏp)
1. The total yield of such produce in a particular season or place:
2. To trim. cut or clip (a photograph or picture, for example).

So did you ever try to explain something to someone and they have absolutely no idea what you are talking about... "cyber crop". Explaining that to my mom (I guess she would be Nana bear!), to Papa and to his friend, they all looked at me like I had two heads. DH wanted to know the price of it....Free. He also wanted to know why I was checking off boxes with words... scrapbook bingo.

It is 1:35 am. I only did one Layout but I like it and I put alot of time into it. I played bingo and did a treasure hunt game. It was all so fun. A different kind of fun. Better than scrapbooking at my LSS on a friday night, because I can wear my pjs and I don't have to drive home! It would be fun though to meet all these ladies "in person".

What a world - 2006- , we chat and have bonds with people online, from all backgrounds and different locations. So close but yet so far away!

Here is my layout: Mama Needs Her Coffee


Karen said...

I love it Jodi! Great job.

So true about trying to explain these things to some people. LOL

It was fun though..glad we cropped together last night!!

Angela said...

What a great layout!