Friday, March 24, 2006

It's Friday...

I have bedhead.
My house is a little messy.
I have laundry to do.
I have dishes to do.
I have bills to pay
I have had two cups of coffee already.
Lil D is napping oh so peacefully.

But with my priorities the way they are, I took a few minutes to sort out my stickers in my scrapbooking room. I absolutely love stickers. They are so fun and I love to collect them. I am a child that grew up in the 1980's so that should explain it all. As I was sorting thru all my stickers, I was thinking about all of the layouts I plan on making. I think I am going to use one of my blank journals to write down all the page layouts I want to do. I work well with checklists. What a sense of accomplishment when you can check things off.

Oh and I was thinking too "Damn the scrapbook industry" they keep coming out with so many new products and I want to buy them all!!!!!! LOL. I am addicted. Papa Bear thinks it is a cult. Somedays, I think he is right.

Lil D with a "kitty" wally sticker stuck to his belly.

(I took this picture a few weeks ago. He pulled it off his wall and decided to say "Kitty" and stick it to himself. Stickers are fun!)

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Karen said...

You should defiently write down your ideas so you can get them done!! Don't worry about the house, it'll still be like that tomorrow, just scrap today!!!