Tuesday, March 21, 2006

Things That Happen at 3:22 am

Ummmm let's see....

Most people are sleeping

New moms might be feeding their newborns

3rd shift workers may be eating their "dinner"

Insomniacs are watching infomercials

Don't answer if you are between the ages of 18 - 25, I already know and I vaguely remember... I was there once! It is a good time to be getting home from a night out :)

Crazy Scrapbookers might be awake trying to get that last layout finished

and last but not least....

Mama Jod and Baby Bear are up!!!! Wide Awake! Eating Porridge (well actually it was oatmeal).

For some reason Lil D decided to awake right when we were going to bed at 12:15am and decided it was time to play and did not want to go back to sleep... not in the big boy bed...not on the floor....not in my arms....not in our bed.... not in the pack n play.

So finally at 3:00 am, Mama decided to just get up and we ate some food and watched Sesame Street on demand. D finally went back to bed at 4:00 am

And guess what... he was awake at the usual time, but Mama let him watch TV and play while she tried to rest her eyes.

Let's hope tonight is a better night. I am thinking we might get bundled up and head out to the playground later on today for lots of fresh air. Well see... or we might be napping.

1 comment:

Lauren said...

Oh no! Isn't it amazing how little people can just WAKE UP like that?! AND still be on their regular schedule the next day! How do they do that?!

Hope you all get a good night sleep!