Thursday, March 30, 2006


I haven't posted much this week, I guess a quiet week without much going on. The weather is sunny and nice. And I love open all the windows and smelling the fresh air. I took Lil D to the playground/park today and it was a lot of fun. He remembers going there now and loves "talking" and waving to all the kids.

5 seconds ago... Seeing if I could successfully logon to
10 seconds ago...I was looking at 97% Complete stickers
5 minutes ago... washing the modge podge off my hands
10 minutes ago... I was trying to use modge podge unsuccessfully
5 hours ago...At the playground talking to my old co-worker Georgi
10 hours ago...umm, I was watching Days of Our Lives
5 days ago...Visiting with inlaws and my friend Amy
10 days ago... tuesday March 21st, not sure, probably on the computer
5 weeks ago... February 23rd, not much going on
10 weeks ago...January 19th - can't remember back that far- calendar says Playdate
10 months ago...May 3oth 2005 - Memorial Day weekend, mom to a 4 month old
5 years ago...Living with David in an apartment in Derry NH working at Paymentech
10 Years ago... March 1996 living in a studio apartment in Providence RI working at Met Life Insurance
15 Years ago....March 1991 - Senior in High School
20 Years ago...March 1986 - 7th grade at St. Francis wearing uniforms - Basketball Cheerleader
25 Years ago...March 1981 - I was 7 1/2 years old
30 Years ago... March 1976 - The year of the bicentennial. I was 2 1/2 years old!

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