Wednesday, April 5, 2006


I usually base how well I slept by looking in the mirror. If my hair is super messy and resembles a mohawk or a spikey doo, it means I sleep pretty well. If my hair is not messed up at all that means I probably sleep or tried to sleep in one spot staring at the clock all night. Or that I never got in a deep enough sleep.

Let's just say this morning, I could go out and not even comb my hair. Not one piece out of place, no cowlicks (sp?) . I was up around 5:00 am...and had gone to bed at 11:30.

At about 4:00 am I heard Ms. Ashleigh (Wire Fox Terrier) scratching. Well then about 5:00 I heard a weird noise. Come to find our Ms. A. Houdini, got out of her kennel and was roaming around the house. Let's just say I had a few "Doggy Messes" to clean and she needed a bath. Evidently she had a accident in her little house and escaped since she didn't want to be in there...I don't blame her.

In the meantime, lil D was up at 5:30. YaHoooo the day has started and the sun isn't even out.

Well by 7:00 am, I had cleaned up the dog situation, gave the dog a bath, cleaned the kitchen, did dishes, had breakfast, got our some scrapbooking stuff. Luckily Papa Bear & Baby Bear decided they wanted snuggle time and they went back to bed.

Then I decided to start laundry and get out the easter decorations. I think, weather permitting, I am going to try to take Lil D to the park today for an easter photo shoot... We'll see.

I love easter & springtime. The colors are wonderful! My house is like an easter eagg hunt everyday. Lil D loves playing with the plastic eggs. It is F-U-N!

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Karen said...

David's on Holly old wake up schedule!!! Don't you just love starting your day before the sun! Poor Miss Ashleigh..wonder how she got out!