Wednesday, April 19, 2006

Breakfast Was Served at 6:20 This Morning...

Sorry if you missed it.

15 months old and he knows what he wants. Lil D started this week with the following schedule:

Wake up between 5:30 - 6:00

Wide Awake & Babbling

Go downstairs with mommy

Stand at the frig until "Juicy" is served (Oh and now he is letting mama know what type of sippy cup or straw sippy he wants it in)

After Juicy is served, stand at the Cheerio Cabinet and whine. Dry cheerios are not longer a choice, they MUST have milk in them now. I don't like the whining so this morning I was trying to "sign" to him the word eat.

This morning we did have oatmeal. (I think if I gave him Cheerios with milk at every meal, he would love it.)

Okay, well it now time for the morning nap... did I mention it is not even 8:00 am yet????

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Karen said...

What a great idea to teach him how to sign to eat. Holly does the same thing each morning for her juice and cheerios. Cheerios really are a staple food for toddlers!