Friday, April 28, 2006

Funny Pics

I just wanted to post some of these funny pictures I took this afternoon. This first one, lil D went into the kitchen where we keep our everyday shoes. He pulled out my shoes (two black ones and a brown one) He proceeded to show them to me and then put them on the floor and try and walk in them. It was so cute. I quickly got the camera and snapped this picture. He has been getting my shoes for me alot this week. Maybe he has associated shoes with going out.

This next picture (so glad I had the camera on hand). Big D went into the frig to get a drink. Lil D followed. Usually he sneaks out the mustard or jelly and then tries to run away with it... it is a game. I think in this picture he looks so funny! He looks like a burgular sneaking and tiptoeing.

This next one he is just being silly, putting the bucket on his head - what a goofball!

Here is my little climber - trying to climb up on the dog kennel

And the last picture is one I snapped of the two us us playing on the floor. We had a fun playful afternoon!

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