Wednesday, April 26, 2006

Holy Words Batman!

Children are so Amazing!

Everyday David understands more and more. At lunch today he said "cheese" and "cookie" (we've been practing those for a while now).

It was really nice out this afternoon so we went out for a bit. When we were getting in the van, D heard the birds tweeting outside and he was trying to say "birdy" and he points up to the trees.

While driving, we were at a traffic light. David spotted a dog in someone's yard. He starts saying "doggy" "doggy". It is so funny that he calls our little doggies at home "kitties" but someone else's dog is a "doggy". We took a little drive over to Building 19 to just poke around. There was tons of dog and cat nicknacks and D had a great time pointing at them and saying "doggy" or "kitty".

We visited GG's this afternoon after Building 19, and it was fun as usual. He loves going there and runs right to his toys when we go inside. Then he goes for her phone that she unplugs and lets him play with. GG was asking David where his nose was and he pointed to it, then his mouth and then his ears. It was so cute seeing him listening and responding.

D also did great today listening to "NO". (as in no, don't touch that or don't climb on that or don't scribble/color on that). I am sure in no time he will be telling me "NO".

He is such a cutie and I enjoy our time together so much! I am a VHSAHM - Very Happy Stay at Home Mom!

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Karen said...

I love the batman outfit!!! So cute!!! He did so good with all his words..that's awesome. Yes he is a cutie!!