Monday, April 10, 2006

I Won! I Won!


I usually don't like going out on Monday. I like to stay home and clean up the house after our busy weekends. I like to let lil D get back to his "normal" nap schedule. I was really nice out today and I wanted to get out but never made it out. (Maybe I never made it out because I was too busy being mommy photographer! Lil D moves so quickly now, it is difficult to get pictures of him!) Here are a few pics from the after bathtime photo shoot.

So anyway, I opened all the windows and there was a nice breeze and it was so nice to hear the birds sing. It was a pretty relaxing day. Did a little bit of tidying, some laundry, all the fun stuff! But I put off going grocery shopping all day. We usually do it on the weekends, but somehow it got skipped.

Finally at 9:30 pm, I went out. I was dragging and really tired but I knew I had to go. So of course I made a pit stop at Dunkins for a iced carmel latte (no calories in that right?) and then off to Hannaford. I stuck to my list and got everything I needed and checked out. I even remembered to use a few coupons. I was surprised how fast it got done.

For the past few months Dave & I have made a detour to the vending machine that sells scratch tickets. We have won anywhere from $2 - $5, but nothing more than $5, but it is still fun to get the tickets.

D & I are creatures of habit. I get home with the groceries, he stands on the deck waiting for me once I call him from the grocery store parking lot. We unload into the house. He puts away the dry goods, I put away the refrig stuff. Then we pick two quarters from our jar and we sit at the table and scratch our tickets. I guess it is a ritual!

Scratch Scratch Scratch....Low and behold - I won $50.00 tonight on one ticket!!!!! I am so excited. Of course, I would have liked to have one $50,000.00 but $50.00 is $50.00 more than I had before. See so going groceries at 9:30 on a monday night wasn't so bad after all!


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Karen said...

That's awesome!! I never knew you two did that. There's actually something I don't know about you?? WOW! LOL. So whatcha gonna do with your $50 bucks? Or do you have to split it with David??