Sunday, May 14, 2006

Almost Monday AM... It's Bad

Well the water is still coming in... because it is still raining out and there is no where left for it to go. I know others have it much worse but we need to be extra cautious because of electricity and mold. The concern now is the water is up to the water heater, the furnace, it is over the heat vents and close to electrical outlets. So if it gets any higher by morning, we will have to shut the electric off to the house from the outside. Right now we don't have any hot water since our furnace needs to be off.
It is bad (almost 1 foot of water) so we called 911 - talked to the Manchester Fire Department. They came for a visit (they are always so good looking) anyway, they checked it out. The que for them to pump out is very full, all of their pumps are being used and next available time is about 6:00AM. We called our neighbor Wayne, he helped setup another drain out of the house.
It is going to be a long week. But as I told Hubby, it is all material things and as much as the problems with this house really ticks me off, I have him and my wonderful baby boy and my two dogs and that is what matters the most to me.

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