Friday, May 19, 2006

It's Friday... Oh and Guess What? It's Raining!

It's Friday May 19th! Happy 5th Wedding Anniversary Karen & Steve! Happy Birthday Mom-in-Law! I can't believe 5 Years since Karen & Steve's Wedding. In the words of Danielle "I can't believe Karen got married!" I think she stated this after little Stephanie said "I love riding in this Limbo" It was a fun day! Karen & Steve Wishing You Many More Years of Happiness, Have a great time this weekend!
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So here is a picture of my grass that is coming up. It is not as full as I wanted but it is better than nothing... Check out how perfect my neighbor's lawns are..

And just another picture I wanted to share of Mr. Helpful! Lil D is so helpful around the house. He is learning to use the Shark Electric Broom on the kitchen floor, he thinks it is so much fun! What a cutie pie!

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Karen said...

Thank you!!! OMG you made me cry when I read this....YOu are such an awesome friend!!! What a fun day that was 5 years ago..I'm so glad you were there with me. The kids were so small and now look they are all grown up. Thanks again for the well wishes!!! Love the picture of us!!!