Monday, May 29, 2006

What Day is It?

I like holiday weekends but I am always so confused for the whole week what day it is. I keep forgetting today is Monday.

We had a fun but very busy weekend. Our household chores indoor are out and keeping us on our toes. It is pretty difficult to get stuff done with a toddler running around, so we try to do as much as we can during naptime or luckily our parents have helped us out babysitting. Lil D got to spend time with all his grandparents this weekend!

Here are some cute pictures of Lil D eating an Ice Cream at GG's house last thursday.

Gimme some!
Eating Ice Cream is a serious job!


I don't know how I got so messy! Oh maybe there is a reason why mommy said I shouldn't bite off the bottom of the cone.

This is so fun and tasty!All done! Time for a cleanup!

Thanks for looking and I promise this week I won't be a "BS" - Blog Slacker!

1 comment:

Karen W said...

I LOVE those pictures of him with the ice cream cone...he really does well with it!