Thursday, May 18, 2006

Whooooaaaa! What a Week!

Well it is Thursday. The basement is dry for the most part. Thanks to the Fire & Rescue Department coming back on Monday Evening to pump us out. By that time, the water was up pretty high and the two pumps just couldn't handle it. It was discouraging to see 24 hours go by and the water just getting higher and higher. Lil D thought the fire truck was pretty cool and Mama really liked seeing the firemen!

We were left with no hot water since the water heater was drenched and no washer & dryer. So we got to visit GG's house alot this week. I love going there and she cooked for us and took care of us! It is a home away from home there.

David had a great time visiting and eating a treat chocolate pudding. It was so funny and we just let him dig right in!

So the dumpster was delivered today (it is huge!) The demolition of the basement starts tomorrow morning. Let the throwing away begin! We are in for a busy busy weekend!

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