Friday, June 16, 2006

Back from Vacation...

and the house is already messy. It was pretty much all in order when we left, but not even an hour after we were home, it is back to its usual look of chaos. Back to reality; vacation is over.

So we had a good time. We took a little road trip up through New Hampshire, into Vermont and over to Lake George in New York. We saw alot of nature and trees and mountains and it was peaceful and for the most part relaxing. Lake George is very nice and there is a lot to do. It is a great family spot and I think we would go back in the future. I actually packed a small bag of scrapbooking supplies and accomplished 4 layouts.

But...okay, there has to be a BUT.

the HOTEL. Nowadays you look at websites, see what looks good and book it. Our place a "resort" they called it, looks great in pictures and from the outside in person. Once inside it looked great too, but the couch and chair must have been sat on by 1000s of people and was extremely uncomfortable. Same with the beds that looked all nice made up, but once you layed down, you had a feeling like you just layed down in a big bowl of fluff with an added spring poking in the back. Oh and check out the air conditioning - only in 1 room. So the bedroom was cold and the living room was quite toasty. And even though I think there was only 3 other guests in the "resort" there was an issue with the hot/cold water.

the SEASON. In season/out of season. What does this all mean. Okay Lake George's in season is after June 23rd (which we figured out after we arrived) From May until June 23rd is "out of season" which basically means, we are open but we close very early and the locals are all in bed at 9:00 pm. Not sure what happens between October and May, but I am thinking everything is shut down. How out of season effected us: the playground can't be used today because it was just painted, the pool is going to close at 7:30 because we feel like it, we checked in at 5:55pm and you would have thought it was 1:00am, no one was available at the front desk at 10:00pm, later found out the front desk closes at 9:00 and there is no one available until the next morning. Also we found out "family owned and operated resort" mean we make up the rules as we please and they are kinda crazy.

the BEDS: I have come to the conclusion they do not have king size beds in Lake George. They also call double beds Queen. I know a queen size bed when I see one and the two beds in our suite were not queen. Last time I recalled, my feet did not hang off the end of a queen size bed. And last time I checked, I am still only 5'2". Dh and I each had our down double/queen whatever you would like to call it bed. Both of them were so old it was crazy. Time for the "Resort" to use a little of their money and replace the beds. Two of the night I didn't sleep until after 6:30 am.

Here is the next chapter... Everything I learned while going away with a toddler:

This was a new experience for us both. Last time we travelled with lil D was down to Rhode Island a year ago when he was just a baby in a carrier. So much has changed since then.

I booked a Suite (living room, kitchenette with microwave, sink & frig plus a bedroom). This is a must when you have a toddler. A seperate room to put lil D to bed was great, having a frig for applejuice, yogurt and milk great, having a microwave to heat up food was great too.

Overpacking baby clothes is a great mistake. Lots of spills, leaks etc. For once, I was glad I overpacked.

Overnight diapers not just for overnight. Great for car rides too.

Umbrella Stroller. This was the first time I only brought the umbrella stroller and left the Travel System big carriage behind. Life is a lot easier with the umbrella.

Backpack diaper bag. Hands free for pushing the umbrella stroller.

Snacks Snacks and lots of snacks and juice.

Sunscreen and sunhat. I know it sounds like I should know this one, but with this crazy weather who knows. But I am glad I had them on hand.

Walmart and the Dollar Tree. On vacation You say? I can't stay away. I am a Walmart junkie. It is good to know it is close by incase there is something you need. We went twice just for good measure.

I look forward to going away somewhere again soon this summer. I think each time getting away will be easier. Lil D had a great time. He went on his first boat ride, to his first amusement park and water slide park. He is so much fun and did a super job riding in the car. It was really nice taking a Family Vacation.

PS: I have pictures to post but for some reason Blogger isn't working right. I will try again this weekend.

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