Wednesday, June 28, 2006


I got this from Ginger Rohlf's blog who got it from Deb Perry's blog . It seemed kinda fun. And I added a few of my own on too.

I AM: a 30 something mom and wife, a libra, a scrapbooker, a creative thinker, my own person with plenty of ideas how things should be

I WANT: a clean organized house all the time (that doesn't mean it is). And also more children. I don't think a clean house and lots of children really go together though.

I HAVE: more in life than I ever expected

I WISH: upon stars still

I DREAM: in color and every night. Crazy reallike dreams

I LOVE: my family and friends ofcourse. I also love the ocean with a warm crisp breeze. I love taking pictures and I love a good sale.

I LIKE: listening to music and I like jingles/songs on TV commercials.

I HATE: mornings and being uncomfortable (hungry, too hot, too cold etc)

I MISS: Karen. (PS: had a great visit Karen and I do wish I could have stayed longer and I am so glad you are feeling better)

I STILL: like fairies, leopard print, pink sparkley things and to wear barrettes in my hair.

I HEAR: noises at night all the time when the house is quiet. I don't like quiet (day or night).

I WONDER: where some of my old friends and co-workers are and what they are doing.

I REGRET: nothing. I don't believe in regret because there is nothing you can do about it. My friend Karen says you can't regret anything or wish to change the past because the past has gotten where you are today. And I wouldn't change that.

I AM NOT: an ontime kinda girl. always late.

I DON'T: read directions thoroughly, if at all.

I DANCE: probably everyday. Lil D loves to dance too. Dancing is fun.

I SING: alone in my car or with lil D. I usually don't sing infront of too many people.

I CRY: too much. A lot can trigger it. And it can be anytime of day.

I AM NOT ALWAYS: pleasant. I can be cranky and moody on any given day. (usually relates to how much sleep I had)

I MAKE WITH MY HANDS: paper crafts and I love it.

I WRITE: out the bills. It is my job and I don't think I am that great at it, but I try my best.

I THINK: too much. I read into things way too much.

I CONFUSE: myself with verbal instructions. I need to see and read.

I SPEND: alot of time on the computer. Being a SAHM, it is my outlet to the world.

I NEED: coffee. And also to feel appreicated. That is not asking much, is it?

I SHOULD: be on a diet and lose weight but it is so hard.

I START: everyday with stretching before I get up. I have a hard time just popping up right out of bed.

I FINISH: all the food on my plate usually (refer back to "I should") LOL

I ADMIRE: moms who have lots of children and make it look easy.


Karen said...

This is great....I'll have to do it. Thanks for the references to me! I miss you too! Thanks for the visit and the help!!!

Michelle McGee said...

Being appreciated it DEFINITELY NOT asking too much!