Thursday, June 8, 2006


One of the challenges last month for the Personal Scrapper online crop was to create a layout using Acronyms for the word MOM (in honor of Mothers Day). I didn't have time that weekend to scrapbook, but while sorting out lil D's books, I came across a cute little book I got at my Baby Shower called One of a Kind M-O-M. I just wanted to share some of the acronyms in the book.

Maker Of Memories

Manufacturer Of Miracles

Mistress Of the Manor

Minder Of Manners

Molder Of Minds

Meter Of the Money

Model Of Maturity

Megaphone Over Mayhem

Mouthpiece Of the Mute (A mother understand what a child does not say)

Mighty Over Malady

Mender Of Malfunction

Master of Motivation

Motivator Of Morale

Mild Over Mistakes

Marker Of a Moment

Misty Over the Miniscule

Mover Of Mountains

Mediator Of the Master

Monitor Of Morals

Meekest of the Meek

Mainstay Of Many

and last it says

MOM = A load of responsibility! But So worth it!

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