Friday, June 2, 2006

Waz Up HomeGirlz!

So I said I wasn't going to be a BS - blog slacker, but I was this week. I stayed pretty busy all week and didn't take the time to update. sorry.

This is just a funny picture from a few weeks ago... Really I don't usually dress lil D up like this but I couldn't resist! Just wanted to share this!

Today was rainy so we didn't do much all day, but around 5:00 or so both of us, mama & baby bear got Cabin Fever! I couldn't decide if I really wanted to go out in the rain but lil D kept saying "Bye, bye, bye" and standing at the door. Then he wanted to stand outside on the deck in the rain. We have been playing outside everyday so he probably couldn't figure out why we weren't out there today.
(see figure 1 below of toddler playing on highchair...poor boy doesn't have any toys to play with)

So we got bundled up and went out. First stop of course... Dunkins. Somehow the van autodrives there! Iced latte for me and a plain bagel for him to munch on. Then off to the Dollar Store... LOVE it. Found 30 dollars worth of things to buy. Including very very cute small spools of scrappy ribbon in cool prints.

Then off to Wally World and we won't say how much I spent there, but is was under $100.00 ! Got lots of fun things there of course including more seeds to plant and bulbs.

About the seeds and bulbs and grass. We now have a bright green lawn (pictures to be posted later) and all the seeds I planted last friday and all coming up with cute little green stems and leaves. I can't wait until everything is in bloom. I am beginning to get more proud of my yard now.

Here is another picture I just wanted to share. I was playing around with the collage feature on Picasa software. Have a great weekend!

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