Saturday, July 8, 2006


Happy Saturday Morning. I am chillin out with my cinnamon swirl iced coffee (folgers - love it! and usually I am not a folgers fan!) I like saturday mornings. My Davids are watching cartoons and I am in my usual seat in front of the computer.

So in my search for new places to go on the web...

FREE SAMPLES - Yeah Who doesn't love free samples and getting fun stuff in the mail! So here are the ones I found.

Degree Deodorant

Dove Deodorant

Charmin Potty training kit

Walmart Free Samples - lotion, deodorant, haircare, mouthwash

Mr. Clean Coupon Booklet

Pull Ups Free Potty Training Guide

Dentyne Gum

Signature Spices

Ok well that is it for now... I will add more when I can.!!!! Have a good Day!

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