Wednesday, August 30, 2006

These Moments

These Moments I Love
So sweet and peaceful
calm and content
I love to stare at those beautiful pink lips and cheeks
and that little button nose
Blankie, pillow, puppy...surrounded by comfort
A thumb for sucking and
a hand to rub the silk on the blanket
Dreaming magical dreams
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Monday, August 28, 2006

2 Birthdays This Past Weekend

We celebrated two birthdays this weekend. Here are some of the pictures. The little girl is Ava, who turned 1 and the pictures below are from our Nephew Matthews 4th Birthday at the bowling alley. Both parties were alot of fun and lil D had a great time playing with the other kids.

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Wednesday, August 23, 2006

How to Spend 7 Hours at a Mall

Yes, you read it right. 7 hours. Kinda Crazy. It didn't seem like 7 hours but it was. Karen and I met at the Emerald Square Mall to get David & Holly's annual picture taken. Taking a picture of a 19 month old and a 21 month old is a huge undertaking. It went something like this...

Meet in Parking lot number 39. Okay just follow me.

Say hello in parking lot. Look in amazement how much Holly & David have grown. Pack up strollers (enough stuff for a few days but I still forgot Davids Sippy cup!) Show each other the matching outfits for the kids. Compare the colors.

Finally get into the actual mall. Where are the bathrooms? Duty calls! At this point an hour has already gone by.

Where is the food court... Oh yeah right below the sign that says Diner!

Eat some lunch; well Karen & I. David and Holly were too amazed at the carousel to eat. Ask a stranger about her amazing two seater stroller.

Go shoe shopping - have a really good laugh at the Hootchie shoes.

Find another bathroom I think...Find another elevator. Did I mention this mall has two Filenes, Which are really Macy's but still called Filenes... Very confusing. Round and round we go...

Off to picture people for 2:00. What an experience that was! It is all too open. tons of kids...too many things for the kids to climb on...Not enough workers. Try to change the kids into their outfits. Dullusional Mommies thinking we will have two photo shoots in two different matching funny of us!!!

Sweat running down our heads chasing the kids. Comment that we will not be doing this wiht 4 kids. While one is front of the camera the other one is running around. The stool, the teddy bear, the fire engine, the train, the boat. "That is a great shot" too bad the photographer wasn't ready. Okay we are done with this...Valium please!!!!!

Off to more shopping, a cvs that doesn't sell sippy cups, coffee at starbucks - yummy, cookies for the kids. Sharing scrapbook pages. And then to the Kids Soft Area Playground...which was awesome.

Holly & David had some much fun. It is a brand new area just for the little ones with lots and lots of climbing which lil D loved!!!! We stayed there for a long time. But the kids had so much energy and did great. I got to visit a little with Karen and look at her Digital Scrapbooking. Loved it!

Then back to Picture People. Still a busy place. Not quite sure if I like how they do things. We didn't get that many great shots and the one we were looking for wasn't there. David has a meltdown cuz the people that work there are as slow as turtles! Go for a walk. Redecide on a new picture, have it reprinted. Purchase pictures. That part took a long time! Thanks to Karen the coupon queen we saved lots of $$$ .

Go for another walk. Lil D is asleep. Look at the beautiful girls clothes at the childrens place. Look at the beautiful clothes at Gymboree. Get some dinner. What the carousal again.

Watch in a amazement again at Holly cleary identifying and telling us that the number "6" was on Karens cup. She is so smart!!!

Call hubby tell him I will be leaving soon (it is 6:00) . But then a detour to Lane Bryant for some new clothes. We were giddy by that point. It was so funny shopping with my best friend. More good times!

Off to find the Filenes were are car was parked. Stop a sales associate to explain to us about the two filenes. comment how we felt like we went in circles around the mall but somehow we didn't see all three floors and all the stores.

To the cars we go. Unpack, change diapers, get snacks. Look at watch... OMG is it 7:10 pm - how did that happen! Drive home - ahhhh it is 8:35 and I am in my driveway!!!

What a great Day! Very Crazy and Hectic and I am exhausted today but it was so worth it!!!! Thanks Karen, I had a great time!

Monday, August 21, 2006

Happy Post

How can you not smile when you see this adorable little smile!

What a sweetie in his new cowboy hat!

Urghhhhh...I Haven't had my Coffee Yet...Vent

Okay it is Monday only 9:15 am and I am already in a whirlwind of anxiety and the feeling of being pulled in a million directions. Usually I guess my blog is happy go lucky and about lil D. But today it is about me.

I had to make a few phone calls this morning. One to my doctors about my infertility/clomid cycle. I thought I was just calling in for an approval for a refill for cycle 2, but they called back and want me to come in at 10:00. OMG this office is crazy. I like them and all but how many times do I need to come in. This is already appointment #5 counting my inital appointment. All I have to say is infertility sucks! I know alot of my anxiety right now is because of my "horrormones" and that I don't feel well because of taking the clomid.

So then other issues on my mind. I feel like I am 2 minutes away from totally freaking out - but i know I won't - I will bottle it up. I feel like I am being taken advantage of in a few different situations.

Urghhhhh. Coffee lots of it today, possibly a nap. Maybe some fresh air. And thinking about getting a book about dealing with difficult people or difficult situations. I have learned from the past that yelling and opening my mouth too soon without thinking doesn't work. But I need to learn to deal with these issues. There alot more to it but I don't want to get into it. I need to start focusing just on Big Dave and Little David.

Oh and another thing. That 21 days to form a habit... I am thinking about that to use with time management. Something I want to look into. I wish it was easier to become more disaplained as far as computer time and telephone time.

Oh and I need to get new glasses - a must for the next week.

And I have a bunch of stuff to do around the house - cleaning clutter still.

Okay enough about this for now. gotta go to the docs!

Friday, August 18, 2006

Dancing Baby

Little David is quite the Dancer. We call it the Toddler dance. It is a bit of a bounce, a step, a twirl and then sometimes a roll on the ground. So cute!!!!!

Friday, August 11, 2006

How Did this Happen?

How did this happen right before my very eyes?!
David Deane Knight III, 19 months old tomorrow. I can't believe it. He is so amazing each and every day. From his infectious laugh, his understanding of the world around him, all his words he says, and his sweet disposition. The love big David and I have for him is so incredible and we thank God for him everyday. He is a Joy! He is the light of our lives! Posted by Picasa

Monday, August 7, 2006

Only 4 Settings...

It's too bad...there is only 4 height settings on the Jumperoo.

David loves his Jumperoo. Auntie Karen got it for him. It was one of his favorites.

But he grew taller and the Jumperoo only has 4 settings. Unfortunately, Lil D tried to tip over in it. So now the fun toy has become a safety hazard.

We had to pack it away with the rest of the baby stuff, it was a sad day. We waved goodbye and lil D even gave it a kiss. Goodbye Jumperoo! Thanks for all the good times! It was a blast!

Saturday, August 5, 2006


The Scraplift layout - Peek a Boo (post below) was from Croppin Paradise. I just wanted to give proper credit to where it was from. I just completed an All About Me swap and I had bought wayyyyy tooo much Chester Paper from Mambi. I think I will be using that paper in as many ways as possible! Also below is a pink & green Composition Notebook that I am going to try to use for my sketches and scraplift so they are all in one central location. I think it would be a good tool to bring to crops incase I have a creative block!

And here are some of my newest purchases. I see a theme going -Pink & Green & Flowers- Hope Lil D doesn't mind girly layouts for his baby book (just kidding!) Also I found some pretty nice rubons alphas at the dollar store BUT I didn't realize some of then were only 1/2 of the alphabet, guess I gotta go back and get more. Also I like the new chipboard shapes but I haven't used any yet.

Friday, August 4, 2006

REALLY... I Do Really Scrapbook...See...

So I sat down tonight around 10:00 with a large dunkins cinnamon iced coffee and started scrapbooking. (henceforth why it is 2:00 am and I am still on a caffeine high!) Here are my layouts:

I really like this one.. the colors and patterns were a challenge but I like the end result...

I think this one came out really sweet. This is a KI memories kit that I got a while ago. There were so many pieces of paper, I have done a ton of layouts with it.

This one *I L-O-V-E * love it!!! I came up with the design on my own. *heart*

This was a scraplift from Croppin Paradise. I am really pleased with the results.
So I am going to head off to bed now. My dining room table is a mess, but it was so worth it!!! I hope to return to the fun soon!

Busy Week!!!

I'm here, I've been around, lurking at others blogs but not updating my own. So here I am with an update.

I am trying this Bucket Strip (sounds like Chicken but it's not) it is Photobucket!

Last Friday Jen, Josh & Emily came for a visit from South Carolina. It was really nice to see them and lil D loved seeing Baby Emily.

After they left, Lil D ate some blueberries. He is lovin the fresh summer fruit! and sharing with his little people too.

My mom (nana) came to visit Friday night and we tried on some new clothes that I got on sale at JC Penney for lil D

Saturday we said goodbye to our little doggy Ashleigh. She moved to Boston (she is a city princess now!) to a house that does not have little children. She was getting very nervous around lil D. I am sure she is already being spoiled!

Saturday night my mom babysat and Big D & I got to go on a little date! How Fun!

Sunday was Emily's Baptism down in Highham Mass.

Holy Hotness! Monday thru Wednesday We chilled inside in the Air conditioning! And just played all week. Lil D had a great time playing with water in the kitchen sink.

Thurday we went over GG's House (great grandma) and we had a great time as we usually do. GG and DD have such a wonderful time together. I love watching them play.

Friday (today) inside again, wrote out bills, did some cleaning. And here we are! Hopefully the very hot weather that makes me melt is behind us and we will be able to go to the beach tomorrow afternoon!