Friday, August 4, 2006

Busy Week!!!

I'm here, I've been around, lurking at others blogs but not updating my own. So here I am with an update.

I am trying this Bucket Strip (sounds like Chicken but it's not) it is Photobucket!

Last Friday Jen, Josh & Emily came for a visit from South Carolina. It was really nice to see them and lil D loved seeing Baby Emily.

After they left, Lil D ate some blueberries. He is lovin the fresh summer fruit! and sharing with his little people too.

My mom (nana) came to visit Friday night and we tried on some new clothes that I got on sale at JC Penney for lil D

Saturday we said goodbye to our little doggy Ashleigh. She moved to Boston (she is a city princess now!) to a house that does not have little children. She was getting very nervous around lil D. I am sure she is already being spoiled!

Saturday night my mom babysat and Big D & I got to go on a little date! How Fun!

Sunday was Emily's Baptism down in Highham Mass.

Holy Hotness! Monday thru Wednesday We chilled inside in the Air conditioning! And just played all week. Lil D had a great time playing with water in the kitchen sink.

Thurday we went over GG's House (great grandma) and we had a great time as we usually do. GG and DD have such a wonderful time together. I love watching them play.

Friday (today) inside again, wrote out bills, did some cleaning. And here we are! Hopefully the very hot weather that makes me melt is behind us and we will be able to go to the beach tomorrow afternoon!

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