Friday, October 6, 2006

Part III : The Rest of the Photos

Darn blogger won't let me load too many photos at once. I tried doing photobucket and had problems and then tried Hello Bloggerbot and that was way too complex. So I did it the slow way and here are more pictures. Sorry about the vent, onto more important things:

These first ones are from a little trip D and I took out to Litchfield. Not only did the farm have tractors, mums, pumpkins but they had some farm animals too. It was so much fun and the weather that day was so sunny and warm. We had a great time!

After we left Litchfield, we took a little drive to Londonderry to Mack's Apple Farm. They also had a fab selection of large mums and pumpkins. We also had a chance to see more goats and lots of ducks and geese. David loved sitting on the bench watching them. Then we got to use a big wagon and pick out our flowers. Well Mama picked out the flowers and D got to munch on a sampling of apples they had. It is so nice to out wiht my little boy! The last picture is of D and my mom taking care of all the flowers I bought. They do a great job watering all the flowers. Lil D loves to help out.

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