Wednesday, October 25, 2006

Random thoughts at 12:25 am

So it is 12:25 am Thursday Morning. I have a second wind, well not really. I am just not too tired but also not awake enough to mop my floor or run a marathon (ha ha that was funny huh, me running anywhere!). Back before lil D if I was awake this late, I was drinking coffee and scrapbooking. Boy, I'm itching to do some scrappin. Everything is still packed up from when I went to Mystic in September. I gotta order some pictures and maybe make a list of what I want to scrapbook. I also want to go thru all my scrapbooks and organize all the pages in time sequence. I also have to sort thru my stash again to clear out the old. Oh and throw away old magazines. Lots to do, not much time.

Tonight I watched National Geographic shows about Waco TX and then another about Bears. Now something is on about Tsumanis. I can only imagine the strange dreams I will probably have tonight. Oh I also watched The Biggest Loser while I ate Ben & Jerry's ice cream. DVR'd Lost and the Nine to watch this weekend.

I haven't taken too many pictures lately but here is one from a few weeks ago. I just love how these pictures came out. My little daredevil decided it was time to climb down the stairs all by himself without holding onto anything. So then it became an obstacle course, up one side of the stairs (on the other side of the deck) and back down the other stairs. It made me nervous but he was doing great!

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