Sunday, October 22, 2006

Reasons I haven't blogged often...

Well the usual...
Cooking & Cleaning & Laundry & Errands
Playing with D and watching him discover new things
Chatting on the phone with my best friend

The excuses....
I am still using a kitchen chair at my computer desk and it is very uncomfortable!
I don't have patience to deal with uploading pictures
I surf the internet for hours on end
Too busy reading up on other people's blogs

What is really taking up my time...
(kind of ironic because prior to this fall, I usually don't watch too many shows but this season the shows are reallly good. I would love to say that I am scrapbooking or sewing but nope just watching "my shows")
Monday: How I met your mother, Heroes, Studio 60 (I don't really like it, I think I am going to dump this one)
Tuesday: Nip/Tuck - LOVE this show! I can't get enough, Miami Ink
Wednesday: Jericho, Lost, Biggest Loser, Project Runway - LOVE Wed Night!
Thursday: Smallville, My name is earl, Grey's Anatomy (Another FAV!)
Friday: Watching the shows I missed on DVR
Saturday: same as above
Sunday: Extreme Home Makeover & Desperate Housewives.
and of course Deal or No Deal when I can.

10 Years Ago I would never think that I would be a homebody, but here I am...I homebody! Funny how things change!

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