Thursday, October 26, 2006

Thursday is Great Grandma Day!

We were excited to go to GG's house today. She went on vacation for a few weeks so we haven't seen her. It was great to see her and get a big warm hug. We had alot of fun. Playing, laughing, talking and catching up. Lil D was being a ham as usual. Gram was so amazed at all the changes in Lil D in just a short time. They always have so much fun together.

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Karen said...

OMG he looks so BIG!!! What great pictures of the two of them. Moments that you'll be glad you didn't miss.

heleen + rod said...

Hi Mama jod,
Thanks for leaving your comment on my blog. I know how traumatic an ectopic can be. Fortunately in my case the methotrexate worked and my second ectopic dissapeared by itself. Maybe in your case it would be easier to have a laparoscopy than an HSG. In case there is some scarring they might be able to tidy the tube up a bit.

I do know what you mean with being scared having another ectopic, I've had both tubes removed when I had my C-section. I believe it will save me a lot of risks and I was on the operating table anyway... No more surprises for me.

If the Chlomid doesn't work you might have to try IVF. It is no fun but in the end it proves to help a lot of couples to conceive. Good luck and I'll be checking your blog every now and then.