Sunday, November 26, 2006

Monday...Back to the Routine

It is 1:38am monday morning...I guess I really need to get to bed. I have gone to bed soooo late in the last week. But I decided before I do I should do a blog post.

In about 6 hours, I will be back to the mommy uniform, back to the daily shows, back to d's naptime at a normal time, back to errands and phone calls,back to cooking dinner, back to the norm. It was a fun weekend.... busy busy...Well other than the stomach virus that has plagued our house on and off since last Monday Afternoon. Lots of stuff to do and lots of people to see. Not sure if I really got done all the things I wanted to. I really wanted to scrapbook but that never happened. Hubby and I got totally hooked on a bunch of computer games and spent alot of time together. Oh and finally we both went for our eye exams and new glasses.

This time of year I am so messed up on the dates. 4 weeks from today is christmas. 6 1/2 weeks is Davids 2nd birthday. I have to plan out christmas cards, christmas portrait and birthday invitations. All meanwhile waiting for my prometrium to kick in, waiting for AF and then onto round 4 of higher dose of clomid, TI and ultrasounds. I think December is going to be a busy month!!! Did I mention how excited I am that the prometrium is finally done with. That stuff is evil. Tonight not only am I extra moody but dizzy too! I had a lovely hot flash while at Walmart...very glamourous!!!

Here are some pictures of lil D from the past few days. He is such a little clown. Lots of new words including llama, notebook, black, tissue, and no more!!! He is very clear on Yes and No these days but he is listening so well. Ok, gotta get to bed!

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