Tuesday, December 5, 2006

Basking in the Bliss of Toddlerland

Things have been busy. You know, the usual, playing, climbing, coloring (on everything), being silly and having lots of fun. Hard to believe that 2 is just around the corner. He has been practicing the word "NO" an awful lot lately. He said to his father on the phone yesterday "Hi Dada, Where You Go?" I love hearing all he says, sometimes I can't understand but more words everyday. Getting ready for Christmas too. We have been going out alot to look at Christmas lights. Lil D says "more more more lights". I think he is really going to enjoy our tree once we get it all decorated.

Here are some random pictures from this past week. I love this first one. I had been cleaning out files, papers and greeting cards. I came across an anniversary card that had two stickers in it one said "I am the Boss around here" and the other said "I am the Boss when she isn't around". Lil D loves stickers so I thought it was funny he put this one on his shirt. The next pictures are a series in the latest and greatest of the Toddler Obstacle course in my house. Very ingenius for him to figure this one out. The next pictures are so cute. "When Markers Attack". I was actually sitting right near him but he was so quiet...I should have known what he was up to. And I love the easter sticker he stuck to his head. And the last pictures are sweet of my Davids playing with the Spiderman and Hulk Lego playset. Thanks for Looking!

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Karen said...

I love these pictures of him, they show what a BIG boy he is. The first one with the BOSS sticker is the best!!! Can't wait to see him again, oh and you too of course!