Sunday, December 31, 2006

Happy Holidays and Happy New Year

I just made a really long post using Picasa to blogger and it is lost urghhh - so mad. Okay I will try to remember everything I put in the lost one!

Here are some pictures from our Holidays. It was really nice to experience Christmas thru the eyes of a curious toddler. We all had a nice Holiday. I think out of everything Holiday related, Lil D loved the Christmas Lights, whether outside or on the tree. He loved it and kept saying More More More. He liked opening gifts but after a while he liked ripped the paper more than anything.

Our days were really busy leading up to the Holiday and the weekend before and the day of Christmas. I wasn't feeling too well so I went to the doctors. I did have and ear infection but I think all the other crazy symptoms I had was anxiety. So next year I am going to keep that in the back of my mind when December rolls around. Big d and I also decided we are going to stay home next year for the day of Christmas - all day - and eat a hot meal here. It is just too much dragging D out and he missed his naps too many days.

In my usual BahHumbug tradition, all of my Christmas decorations including the tree are all taken down and packed away for another year. Once it is December 26th I am ready to get everything put away. The only things left out are a few gifts and a wreath on my door (decorated in light blue not red & green). I hope to get out my Valentines day decorations soon - one of my Favorite holidays along with Halloween!

I love this family picture of us (below). I actually began Scrapbooking Christmas 2006 already. I borrowed this idea from Ali Edwards and I had heard about it from Karen. I think it is the perfect idea. I used to keep ALL cards I got but just recently I purged a bunch of them and only kept the special ones and the picture cards. I made about 6 pages already and Hope that it is completed soon... Ya know like July!

These pictures are from Saturday December 30th (below) . My sweet little boy has been a sick little boy with his first childhood illness...Croup. It started out a high fever and runny nose and then suddenly went to the croup barking cough. The next morning we went to the doctors and besides the medicine they recommend cold air. Perfect then for playing in the snow. He had soooo much fun. He kept running and trying to pick it up. We had a great time! Luckily he is feeling so much better and last night and today he was back to his usual nap and nighttime schedule. He alot for lunch today so I think that is a good sign too. Wishing everyone a Happy New Year. Big D and I BOTH have colds now so we are going to ring in the new year with a hot bowl of chicken noodle soup. Doesn't that sound exciting and festive!

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