Thursday, March 30, 2006


I haven't posted much this week, I guess a quiet week without much going on. The weather is sunny and nice. And I love open all the windows and smelling the fresh air. I took Lil D to the playground/park today and it was a lot of fun. He remembers going there now and loves "talking" and waving to all the kids.

5 seconds ago... Seeing if I could successfully logon to
10 seconds ago...I was looking at 97% Complete stickers
5 minutes ago... washing the modge podge off my hands
10 minutes ago... I was trying to use modge podge unsuccessfully
5 hours ago...At the playground talking to my old co-worker Georgi
10 hours ago...umm, I was watching Days of Our Lives
5 days ago...Visiting with inlaws and my friend Amy
10 days ago... tuesday March 21st, not sure, probably on the computer
5 weeks ago... February 23rd, not much going on
10 weeks ago...January 19th - can't remember back that far- calendar says Playdate
10 months ago...May 3oth 2005 - Memorial Day weekend, mom to a 4 month old
5 years ago...Living with David in an apartment in Derry NH working at Paymentech
10 Years ago... March 1996 living in a studio apartment in Providence RI working at Met Life Insurance
15 Years ago....March 1991 - Senior in High School
20 Years ago...March 1986 - 7th grade at St. Francis wearing uniforms - Basketball Cheerleader
25 Years ago...March 1981 - I was 7 1/2 years old
30 Years ago... March 1976 - The year of the bicentennial. I was 2 1/2 years old!

Friday, March 24, 2006

Cyber Crop 2006

1. computers and information systems
2. virtual realitycyberspace
3. the Internet, online

crop (krŏp)
1. The total yield of such produce in a particular season or place:
2. To trim. cut or clip (a photograph or picture, for example).

So did you ever try to explain something to someone and they have absolutely no idea what you are talking about... "cyber crop". Explaining that to my mom (I guess she would be Nana bear!), to Papa and to his friend, they all looked at me like I had two heads. DH wanted to know the price of it....Free. He also wanted to know why I was checking off boxes with words... scrapbook bingo.

It is 1:35 am. I only did one Layout but I like it and I put alot of time into it. I played bingo and did a treasure hunt game. It was all so fun. A different kind of fun. Better than scrapbooking at my LSS on a friday night, because I can wear my pjs and I don't have to drive home! It would be fun though to meet all these ladies "in person".

What a world - 2006- , we chat and have bonds with people online, from all backgrounds and different locations. So close but yet so far away!

Here is my layout: Mama Needs Her Coffee

It's Friday...

I have bedhead.
My house is a little messy.
I have laundry to do.
I have dishes to do.
I have bills to pay
I have had two cups of coffee already.
Lil D is napping oh so peacefully.

But with my priorities the way they are, I took a few minutes to sort out my stickers in my scrapbooking room. I absolutely love stickers. They are so fun and I love to collect them. I am a child that grew up in the 1980's so that should explain it all. As I was sorting thru all my stickers, I was thinking about all of the layouts I plan on making. I think I am going to use one of my blank journals to write down all the page layouts I want to do. I work well with checklists. What a sense of accomplishment when you can check things off.

Oh and I was thinking too "Damn the scrapbook industry" they keep coming out with so many new products and I want to buy them all!!!!!! LOL. I am addicted. Papa Bear thinks it is a cult. Somedays, I think he is right.

Lil D with a "kitty" wally sticker stuck to his belly.

(I took this picture a few weeks ago. He pulled it off his wall and decided to say "Kitty" and stick it to himself. Stickers are fun!)

Tuesday, March 21, 2006

Things That Happen at 3:22 am

Ummmm let's see....

Most people are sleeping

New moms might be feeding their newborns

3rd shift workers may be eating their "dinner"

Insomniacs are watching infomercials

Don't answer if you are between the ages of 18 - 25, I already know and I vaguely remember... I was there once! It is a good time to be getting home from a night out :)

Crazy Scrapbookers might be awake trying to get that last layout finished

and last but not least....

Mama Jod and Baby Bear are up!!!! Wide Awake! Eating Porridge (well actually it was oatmeal).

For some reason Lil D decided to awake right when we were going to bed at 12:15am and decided it was time to play and did not want to go back to sleep... not in the big boy bed...not on the floor....not in my arms....not in our bed.... not in the pack n play.

So finally at 3:00 am, Mama decided to just get up and we ate some food and watched Sesame Street on demand. D finally went back to bed at 4:00 am

And guess what... he was awake at the usual time, but Mama let him watch TV and play while she tried to rest her eyes.

Let's hope tonight is a better night. I am thinking we might get bundled up and head out to the playground later on today for lots of fresh air. Well see... or we might be napping.

Friday, March 17, 2006

Sweet Lesson Learned...

From Sesame Street

The joy of seeing the world thru a child's eyes. I watch Sesame Street everyday with lil D. I love it as much today as I did was I was a child. The colors, the songs, the characters...

Today's episode had this little skit with Bert & Ernie.. it was so sweet, about friendship:

"Hey, Bert."

"What is it, Ernie?"

"You know, Bert, I just remembered I didn't put away all my toys. I left a big mess in the other room. Do you think I should get up and clean that stuff up now?"

"Ernie, it's time to go to sleep now. You can do that in the morning."

"It's pretty messy in there, Bert."

"Well, Ernie, you're just a little messy. I've learned that. I'm used to it. Let's go to sleep."

"You know, Bert, you're a real friend. I'm messy and you don't like it messy, but because I'm your friend, you don't mind too much if I'm messy."

"Well, not too much, Ernie. Let's just go to sleep."

"But that's what a friend is, Bert. I mean, not minding too much because you like someone. That's a friend, Bert. A pal. Not minding, that's what friends are for!"

Random Thoughts

Going thru my head on a friday night...

It is 10:00, do you know where your kids are? (Of course I do, CS - champion sleeper is in his big boy bed)

Why am I so tired, someone get me a coffee..quick.. or an direct IV drip will do.

How am I ever going to get my scrappy stuff packed up for 9:00 am tomorrow. What do I even want to scrap?

That McDonalds was good, I want more.

How can my sinuses hurt this much?

I gotta pee.

I wonder what there are for updated on

Why isn't skwilmes signed on? is she sleeping already?

I can't believe St. Pattys day is over, I didn't drink nor did I have cornbeef and cabbage. I must be boring.

Remember to tell DH about wonderpets on nickjr... F-U-N - "the phone is ringing" "this is serious"

Okay... Well for real, I guess, I need to get up and pee and get that cup of coffee! Here is a cutie pic of my little leprechan from today. He's such a little ham. He must be happy because we are irish and he is wearing green. Did you know, if you don't wear green on St. Pattys day, you will get Pinched!! (I learned that on the evening news)

Thursday, March 16, 2006

The Results are In...What Donut Are You???

You Are a Jelly Donut

So you're a little rounder than most folks - but it's only in the right places!
You maintain a clean exterior, even if you're all messy on the inside.
You think you're the best, and that's mostly true...
But remember, you're just an empty shell without your jelly!

Baby Parts

So my cute lil D was eating oatmeal this morning. Always a fun event, it was everywhere. But that's okay because he is washable (LOL). We called GG (great Grandma, my grandmother) and we chatted. He even got on the phone and in his cute little baby language told her alot of info, not sure what it was but it was so funny. When he babbles, he used his hands, rolls his eyes and it really sounds like he is answering questions. She got a good laugh out of it, she loves him so much. He is so lucky to have a GG and I am so lucky to have my Grandma!

While I was finishing up the conversation, lil D fell asleep in his highchair (not a first for my champion sleeper!) . I picked him up, cleaned him up, changed his diaper. Then he flipped over on the changing table and curled up like a little bunny. So sweet. Of course, scrapbooker mama had to take pictures.

He looked so peaceful all curled up - Those Wonderful Baby Parts; His beautiful brown eyelashes, sweet little ears, yummy little toes, soft skin on his body, Oh I am so in love. He is truly a miracle. I cherish these moments, especially now that I realize how fast he is growing; He is in his big boy bed, no more bottles, no more little baby infant clothes, walking and climbing everywhere. It is hard to believe he is a toddler but he will always be mama's baby boy.

Wednesday, March 15, 2006

Well Here it is! My blog

So I have been reading everyones blogs lately (thanks to my best friend Karen) and I have all these random thoughts in my head, so I figure, why not, I might as well start my own.

It is Wednesday, I think, oh yeah, Lost night. Being a SAHM I lose track of the days. Also we all have this yucky cold, so my head is a little foggy. Right before starting this, I was planning on taking a nap. But as soon as I got into bed, I was wide awake. I hate when that happens. So Little Bear, aka lil D is sound asleep, Papa Bear is at work and here I am, the Mama!

I should be: doing laundry, eating lunch, cleaning up toys, writing out bills, making the cards for my card swap due on Saturday... but here I am on the computer. I have become more and more attached to the computer since having lil D, probably because it is a source to the outside world once you don't work anymore. Oh well. I guess there could be worse things! Speaking of which, I need to catch the end of Days... It's so silly, but I hate when I miss it!