Monday, January 22, 2007

10 on the Top & 10 on the Bottom

Teeth that is. That is how many teeth a toddler has when they are done the "teething". Come to find out with the help of my dear friend Karen, today we learned David has 10 on the top and 10 on the bottom. It took alot of poking and proding, but after recounting 3 times, it is for sure, 20 total teeth. (not all are shown in this picture, but this is the only picture I could find in my files of 1000s of pictures that show mostly all his teeth)

Reference this chart from webmd. Also this one from Anbesol. Somehow I haven't looked at the chart in quite a while. I have been blaming the clear runny nose and sleepless nights recently on 2 year molars. But as I have learned today, they are here, have been here and I thought all along I was waiting for something more.
In April of 2006, when lil D was 15 months old, he had 16 teeth (8 on the top and 8 on the bottom). He cut his first 4 teeth the weekend of his baptism June 12th 2005 at 5 months old (it was super hot and humid too). D is a champion teether.

So mystery of the sleepless nights remains a mystery. Seperation anxiety maybe? Being a 2 year old maybe? not sure, but we know now it is not the teeth. Side note: look at those "shark" teeth I like to call them - number 3 on the top. Ouch those hurt!!!! This boy is ready for a nice big piece of steak!

Saturday, January 20, 2007


that is today's new word... Cool! It is so cute that lil D says this word. He picked it up from TV. Well a few of the commercials are for Pampers. It must have made an impression that the little boy says "cool", so he repeated it. So Funny. Then I noticed how many commercials say the word "cool". He must hear it all the time since I usually have the TV on the in the background. He kept saying it while he was playing with his, cool, cool! So I tried scrapbooking last night. I dragged down three bags of supplies from the ever so crowded scrapbook room. There isn't even room in there to scrapbook. I even went to CVS beforehand to print current pictures to scrapbook. I made my coffee and then just sat there with a blank look on my face. Has it really been that long that i can't remember how to scrapbook? I lost my scrappin mojo...Have you seen it anywhere????

So I tried again today. It is just so cold outside that I decided not to go anywhere and just sit inside and create. Let's just say I put in a lot of hours and I only did 1 two page spread. Mind you there was alot of cutting out flowers etc. Funny story...It is a layout I have been planning to do since February of 2005!!!! It is a timeline of Dave and my relationship. I can't believe it is 2007! Geez, nothing like being behind in my layouts! So here it is. I love this Urban Gypsy paper. It is very different and quite a challenge. I love the black and white ribbon too. Well off to challenge myself to more scrappin. I have scrapbook attention deficit disorder ... that would be SADD! (no pun intended LOL)

Friday, January 19, 2007

Birthday...Celebration #2

Friday Night (Jan 12th) My Dad & my stepmom Diane (Grumpie & Grandi) joined us for a little celebration with cake. Hey what's a birthday without cake! They bought him the cutest tricycle. He loves it. His eyes lit up when he saw it. And seeing it is blue, well what could be better than the color blue. They also gave him a helmet and safety pads too. He adores the helmet and occassionally I will find him wearing it for no other reason than it is a really fun hat! Here is Lil D opening his gifts: Trying out the new "bike". The bar in the back is so that mom or dad can push it when he gets tired. Pretty nifty idea!'
Grumpie trying to show lil D how to pedal. My dad wanted to get him the tricycle because his grandfather (his pepe) bought him his first one. Mommy the Scrapbooker should try and find a picture of that.
Cake Yummy! So much fun blowing out the candles!
By this point it was getting late and it had been a long busy day. We were all tired. And I think lil D was all done with the picture taking - "Stop the Mamarazzi!" ""It's my party I can cry if I want to!!!!"

Happy Birthday David. Mommy and Daddy can't believe 2 years have gone by so quickly. They are the best two years possible! You bring us so much joy everyday and we love seeing you learn and discover. You have grown into such a unique little boy. You are the best son a mommy and daddy could ask for! We Love You!

Tuesday, January 16, 2007

More Ice Pictures

I modified some of these pictures using the Picasa Software (ya know cuz I got to the end of the internet and I have nothing to do wink wink) Everything is frozen solid to the core out there because it is soooo cold out. brrrr! The ice looked beautiful with the sun shining thru it. Unfortunately, the sun was only out for a brief time.

Monday, January 15, 2007

We interrupt the regularly scheduled program....To Bring you Winter!

Here are some pictures from the yucky ice storm today. We lost power for 3 hours (not fun) The ice is everywhere! The pictures came out cool but I hate the ice. It is so dangerous!

Friday, January 12, 2007

Happy 2nd Birthday Lil D!!!!!

Celebration Part 1
We had a great day today celebrating David's 2nd Birthday. Dave took the day off and we went to the mall. Had 2 year old pictures taken at Sears (very happy how they came out). Then Lil D and Dave went for a ride on the "horseys". (it makes me dizzy so I skipped the carousel ride).
Then we ventured off to Build A Bear. We let Lil D pick what ever he wanted. Of course he wanted a "blue" bear. This was the closest we could find. It was sooo much fun for all of us. We all got to kiss the hearts and make a wish before stuffing them in the bear. Then we gave the bear a bath and dressed it in a birthday tshirt, jeans, and brown sneakers just like Lil D's. We picked out the "blue" bear, stuffed it, made wishes and kissed the hearts that went in him. Then gave him a bath, dressed him and made his birth certificate. So much Fun!

Then off to McDonalds for a favorite toddler lunch. We left after that. A little someone was getting tired and was asleep in the car before we even got back onto the main road! What a nice day we had!

Wednesday, January 3, 2007

So My Friend Karen...

She gave me a hard time today and said "Girl You gotta update your blog! It's not the holidays anymore!" So I took it to heart (wink wink) and went thru all my recent pictures in Picasa, but all my pictures are "holiday" related. I haven't taken any new pictures in the past few days due to the Holiday Germs that were so graciously shared with us. I am sure a photo of a runny nose wouldn't be appropriate or the piles of tissues that are collected on an hourly basis.

So here you go Karen. Let's take a walk down memory lane... I thought you might like seeing this picture.
New Years Eve 1994 or was it 1995?
Either way, OMG that was a long time ago!
Our lives have changed so much since then!