Saturday, January 20, 2007


that is today's new word... Cool! It is so cute that lil D says this word. He picked it up from TV. Well a few of the commercials are for Pampers. It must have made an impression that the little boy says "cool", so he repeated it. So Funny. Then I noticed how many commercials say the word "cool". He must hear it all the time since I usually have the TV on the in the background. He kept saying it while he was playing with his, cool, cool! So I tried scrapbooking last night. I dragged down three bags of supplies from the ever so crowded scrapbook room. There isn't even room in there to scrapbook. I even went to CVS beforehand to print current pictures to scrapbook. I made my coffee and then just sat there with a blank look on my face. Has it really been that long that i can't remember how to scrapbook? I lost my scrappin mojo...Have you seen it anywhere????

So I tried again today. It is just so cold outside that I decided not to go anywhere and just sit inside and create. Let's just say I put in a lot of hours and I only did 1 two page spread. Mind you there was alot of cutting out flowers etc. Funny story...It is a layout I have been planning to do since February of 2005!!!! It is a timeline of Dave and my relationship. I can't believe it is 2007! Geez, nothing like being behind in my layouts! So here it is. I love this Urban Gypsy paper. It is very different and quite a challenge. I love the black and white ribbon too. Well off to challenge myself to more scrappin. I have scrapbook attention deficit disorder ... that would be SADD! (no pun intended LOL)

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Karen said...

I just love that picture of Lil D!!!! He's saying so much now, it's so great!! Love your page too!!!