Wednesday, January 3, 2007

So My Friend Karen...

She gave me a hard time today and said "Girl You gotta update your blog! It's not the holidays anymore!" So I took it to heart (wink wink) and went thru all my recent pictures in Picasa, but all my pictures are "holiday" related. I haven't taken any new pictures in the past few days due to the Holiday Germs that were so graciously shared with us. I am sure a photo of a runny nose wouldn't be appropriate or the piles of tissues that are collected on an hourly basis.

So here you go Karen. Let's take a walk down memory lane... I thought you might like seeing this picture.
New Years Eve 1994 or was it 1995?
Either way, OMG that was a long time ago!
Our lives have changed so much since then!

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Karen W said...

Wow.......that's an old picture. Look at us in our fancy dresses!!! So funny. Thanks for the memory.