Monday, February 5, 2007

I'm Two!!!

Mommy: "David how old are you?"

Lil D: "Two"

"Daddy: "David what is 1+1?"

Lil D: "Two"

Mommy: "David, what is 4 - 2?"

Lil D: "Two"

Mommy & Daddy "David You are so Smart!"
Two has been an interesting Age...All 25 days of it so far. Very fun don't get me wrong it is super busy. Mama doesn't get much of a break these days but I am not complaining. My fun little 2 year old, on the go! Running, jumping, dancing, singing, knocking down safety gates, getting into everything and reaching everything. He knows where everything goes and tries to help himself to everything, including the stuff on the countertops, in the refrigerator (which now has a lock) and even opening the locked door to get outside. If something is locked and he can't get in, he wants to know where the "key" is . The learning and discovering is just amazing and I feel blessed to be a SAHM and be able to enjoy it daily. He's a Funny little boy. We went for his 2 year check up and he is measuring 36 1/4 inches tall and 31 lbs. 90% for height, 75% for weight. The doctor was really happy with that and commented that obviously he is eating just fine. The doctor also commented that I shouldn't be surprised that people may mistake D for a 3 year old because that is the size he is...that of a 3 year old. We've been having a few sleep issues lately but the doctor seems to think it is from the sicknesses we all had over the holidays and it really threw off the sleep schedule we had. I have been really working hard the past week trying to get things back on track. We have a bedtime routine that we have had inplace ever since he had a bedtime back when he was in a crib. I have started a new naptime routine and it is working well. So if I need to go out, it has to be either in the am or after nap. I am trying to do lunch and then the nap, no sleeping in the car. So far so good, one day at a time though.

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Karen W said...

He is such a handsome little guy, especially in that sweater. His girlfiend Holly thinks he's a cutie too!