Monday, February 26, 2007

Seven Years

February 26th 2000 - the night Dave and I met. That was 7 years ago Today. We met at a wine tasting party and then we had a first date on March 4th, 2000. We have basically been together everday since. Wow! So much has happened in that amount of time, so many wonderful things. I can't imagine experiencing this journey with anyone else. Dave and I talk about how much fun we had when we lived in the apartment and life was so carefree. I talk of the apartment because that is where we lived when I started scrapbooking. After Dave and I were together for a little while, he said to me "you need a hobby". (I giggle to myself when I was think about him saying that because little did he know what a monster he was creating!) So scrapbooking became part of my life, like comic books are a part of his life. Thanks Honey!!!!

This page below is part of the first "kit" I ever purchased, probably from Michaels. I am not by any means ashamed of any of my first scrapbooks. I love them all equally. I love looking at the way the products and techniques have evolved. Matter of fact, I still have a bunch of supplies from when I first started scrapbooking. I enjoy sitting down with a good cup of coffee and looking at all my old scrapbooks. The only thing I wish I did now was a little more journaling, I could have at least put some dates on these layouts! LOL And just for good measure, I had to add a scan of this lovely page. Karen and I scrapbooking. We had both only been scrapbooking a short amount of time but we had already accumulated tons of products. Not much has changed in that sense! Luv Ya Karen and I am glad it is 7 years later and we still share the love for the hobby of scrapbooking.

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