Thursday, March 8, 2007

Heart a Boom

I am still fighting this cold. I have had it since friday night I think. I feel a little better today and hope *knock on wood* that is it on it's way out of my system. I am sure I caught it from Lil D. After all, we share so much and recently he wants to kiss alot and rub noses (like eskimoses) A sure way to spread germs. Oh well. All last week, he had a high fever and then it turned into a cold. He still has a little something going on but not like last week. I hate being sick especially with a head cold. I feel like I can't think straight. I am a dazed out mommy.

Luckily, Dr. Love and Hugs (see the shirt) has been taking care of me. He is so cute. He got two doctors kits for Christmas. One is Sesame Street and the other goes with the GoDiegoGo Rescue kit. He puts the stethoscope on and then gets serious. He listens to your heart and says aboom aboom aboom. It is so funny. Even funnier is when he tries to hear the heartbeat of the chairs, the rug, his toys, the table etc. What a sweetie pie.

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Karen said...

so cute!! maybe we have a future Dr. David in the making?? that would make his mommy very proud!