Thursday, May 24, 2007

I've Been a Really Bad Blogger

I know it has been a long time since I posted anything. Just taking a break from blogger. Things are going well. Lil D is talking up a storm, keeping busy and very active. He is such my little buddy. It is getting easy to do a lot of things with him. He understands almost everything and he can express himself to tell me what he wants to do.

I have been doing a lot of scrapbooking too. I went thru all of the layouts, I have done in the past two years, dated them, sorted them and put them all in albums. (4 huge albums to be exact) I feel like I have accomplisted so much. Now I just need to add a few more layouts for events I didn't scrapbook yet and I will be up to date. It is a great feeling knowing this is almost up to date. There is another online crop this week, so I hope to get a great deal of layouts done.

Here are all the events that have happened since last time I posted:

Cousin Allison's 2nd Birthday Party

Visit to RI to See Baby Allison...My GodDaughter...She is beautiful and of course to see Karen, Steve and Lil D's girlfriend Holly. David and Holly love playing together. David liked seeing the baby for a few minutes and then he wanted to her wake up and play. That was before he tried to feed her yogurt raisins!

Sydney's 1st Birthday Party. Lil D was very curious and helpful when she opened her presents. He couldn't wait to have cake too!

This is at my cousin Sarah's Baby Shower. Lil D had a wonderful time playing with his cousins, who are all girls. (and the baby to be is a girl too!)

Here are some pictures playing outside in our yard

Mother's Day was Wonderful. I got a awesome new coffee maker, but best of all I had a special mother's day breakfast with my son.
Random pictures I took. I want to scrapbook some pictures of bedtime and naptime routines.
And here is just a cute little picture I took.

And the latest Party, was Aunt Pat's Birthday Party. Lil D had a great time and was so excited. We decorated the house, of course with balloons and he sang Happy Birthday. And my helpful son helping Aunt Pat open her presents.

Thanks for Looking!!!!! It has been busy around here as you can see. I have another birthday this weekend, then a baby shower. June is Karen's, Dave's, James, and my FIl's birthday and Father's day...another busy month for us too!!!!

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Karen said...

I'm so glad you finally updated...I've been wondering what you've been up to! LOL You got some great shots at all your events and I absolutely love the one of David kissing baby Allison and of David outside in your yard. Great job my friend!