Wednesday, June 27, 2007

Quiet time is so....

Heavenly!!!! It is peaceful, rewarding, and of course never taken for granted. We are always so excited when our children start to talk but sometimes once they start talking, there is never any silence. Add a crazy dog to the mix and the chaos starts. { for example, right this moment, I have a little monkey hanging from my chair and my neck...Mommy Mommy Mommy}

Yesterday afternoon while lil d was napping I was just sitting there staring at my scrapbooking enjoying the peace and quiet, the silence. It was so nice. I was thinking to myself, when I in college and there after (aka Providence) I was busy busy all time. Out and about, always found something to do, people to see, places to go all hours of the day and night, at home always on the phone etc. But now I feel like just to sit and relax is so nice. I think I really can appreciate alone time now more than ever in my life. I don't want to be bothered now with going out a million places. Simple is so much better. And yes I will say it, I like my routine and schedule. Really it was having little D that put me into a schedule. But I like it. Now I find myself getting a little flustered if the schedule is disrupted. Lil d is a great napper, so every afternoon I can count on at least a 2 hour nap from him.

We have really been enjoying our late afternoons poolside/sandbox side. Ok, well the pool is only 3 feet wide if that and not a even a foot deep but it is just enough. Lil d loves the sandtable. It is nice and has a nice wide umbrella to shade him.

We put the highchair away too. It was so sad. I love this highchair. It is the Fisher-Price Link-a-doos Deluxe Plus Healthy Care High Chair. It is my favorite baby product. It has served us well. Not only for eating, but for playing, for a chair for lil d to relax in, even sleep sometimes. It worked well for a craft table, coloring painting and playing playdoh. Lil d has been using it since he was about 1 month old - Valentines day 2005 . it has a 3 point belt and it reclines. He really starting using it around March 2005 - 2 months old. You can see why we put it away. He was getting way too tall and he flips the tray off by himself, which he has been doing for quite a while. It actually goes up to 50lbs and lil d only weighs 33 lbs, but like everything else (like stollers) he is too tall for them.

Okay off to go organize. For the past month I have been trying (key word "trying" It is hard to get stuff done around here) to clean up my computer desk and files, scrapbooking stuff, baby clothes etc. I feel like I am making more of mess, hopefully by the end of summer it will be in better shape.Here are some summer pictures for far.
Hampton Beach:

Last Weekend at the Grandparents:

Celebrating Daddy's Birthday:
Thanks for looking!


motherkearney said...

What a big beautiful boy!

Erica said...

He is such a cutie!