Friday, August 24, 2007

Teaching an Old Dog New Tricks

Chloe has been pretty naughty this summer. Not for any apparrent reason but she has been barking very loud and getting into stuff...maybe it is boredom. Can I send her to school in September...load her on the school bus with the rest of the neighborhood kids? Okay not really a good idea, she would probably eat all their lunches. Anyway Big D got us a book about dog training. Note to self: books like that are only good if you pick them up and read them.

One day last week, Lil d said "Chloe read her book". So I said, yes we can read a book to Chloe. He said "No, her book" and went and go the dog training book.

Here he is checking out the book, perhaps reading a synopsis on the back?

Now showing Chloe her book (this picture is so darn funny) Chloe looks pretty interested.

"Okay Chloe we are going to read" (not sure if he thought he was going to read aloud or Chloe was going to)
If Chloe could talk "Oh Man, I am bored. Please just leave me and my bone alone!"

Chloe says next "I'm outta here!" She didn't want to know anything about sitting and staying.

And she ran off into the really just the kitchen. Probably to go chew a scrapbooking supply.

The End.


Mary said...

Thats pretty funny. YOu should scrap it step by step like that.

carrie*postma said...

LOL...that is so funny! looks like a perfect scrap page!