Friday, December 28, 2007

A Work in Progress

My Scrapbooking Room that was....
Spacious and Great and all Mine! A little getaway in our "finished basement"

Then THIS happened (May 2006)
Which in Return caused THIS to Happen! So much for a finished basement. It had to be gutted due to the 1 foot or more of water damage.
So in a hurry, during all of this mess, my scrappy stuff got moved up to David's Nursery and David got moved into a smaller room (that is actually a great room for him). Too cluttered to even scrapbook in. It was a mess!

Yes, sharing the room with hubby comic book collection. So there it sat. I tried to resume organizing a few times but it just didn't work.
So slowly between March 2007 to October 2007, supplies creep down to the dining room and didn't leave.
July organization project:

By the end of October there was most of my stuff moved down to the dining room and the addition of some new storage items:


And I am very proud to say my dining/room scrapbook space looked like this for Christmas Eve Lunch. I think it looks pretty darn good. I have cleaned out alot, re organized and sorted so much. I have more to do in the new year but I think I have accomplished a great deal of organizing and actually got caught up on most of my scrapbook layouts in the process!

I will post a picture of what remains in the scrappy/comic book room upstairs. I packed away alot of stamping products and beading stuff I had for now. More resolutions for 2008 coming soon!

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l.a. said...

omg! I would be so sad and horrified if my scarp area flooded! I hope you didn't have too much damage? Yikes.

Looks like you have a good setup going now! Looks good! :)