Sunday, June 8, 2008

Our Vacation - Day 2 - Crayola Factory

Day 2 went like this...
Got up, ready to go swimming before breakfast - pool didn't open until 10:00 and it was only 8:00 (yeah very early for us LOL). So we skipped the swimming and had breakfast at the hotel. Pictures of the breakfast looked wonderful in the advertisement but the real thing ....well not to great but it was free, and free good coffee - so that was fine.

The hotel wasn't too far from the Crayola Factory . I am glad we didn't go there just for a visit, we had lots of other places in PA on our itinerary. Easton, PA is a manufacturing town sorta, not really a vacation destination...kwim?

The "factory" is really a discovery play museum type place. There was a demonstration on how crayons and markers are made but not a real factory. The building is great. It has really high ceilings, nice hardwood floors and lots and lots of room for all the kiddos. There is even a McDonald's connected to run to for lunch, which was very convenient.

Modeling Clay Room
Writing on the Walls:
Sidewalk Chalk Heaven Watercolor RoomCrayon Making Demonstration
Every Color you could imagine Yes, that is a real crayon, the world's biggest crayonUpstairs from the Crayola Factory is the Two River Landing National Canal Museum and an Engineering Museum, it is included in the tickets to the facotry. Sounds boring but it was alot of fun for us and lil D. Water Canals they can play with, building stuff like legos and lincoln logs and trucks. Lot of interactive displays on how life was long ago with the canals.

We were all exhausted when we left. But we drove 1 1/2 hours to Philadelphia to our hotel. I didn't take any pictures of the hotel...I forgot - Wish I had.

8 Floors witha glass ceiling & Atrium. Pretty Cool

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