Thursday, June 12, 2008

Our Vacation - Day 3 - Sesame Place

Day 3 we ventured out to Sesame Place in Langhorne PA (about 35 minutes outside Philly). It was a great day, lots to do and plenty of rides & attactions for a preschooler.

Here is D at the gate:
Can You tell how to get to Sesame Street?Sunny Day Carousel (new)
Giant slide
Giant Sandbox & Maze
Peek a Bug Elmo RideMeeting Ernie
The Boys with Grover (Big D's favorite when he was a kid)
Mommy & Me with Cookie Monster (He was my favorite as a kid) ps: I look like the post child for eating too many cookies)

Meeting TellyMy son thinks this is an "attraction" at the park. Just garbage and recycling cans but that is very exciting to him. It means that Waste Management comes to Sesame place.

Watching the stage show with intent. Starting to dance at the Stage Show: Up in front at the stage show. He actually tried to get up on stage with the characters and do his own performance but he wasn't allowed LOL
Ahhh Refreshing! More Water fun. There is actually alot of water attractions but we would have needed to rent a locker to hold all our bags...maybe next time!
Rock Around the Block Parade

Big Bird! Elmo!
Guess it was a great day....Lil D falling asleep while having his ice cream. He slept for 4 hours after we left the park. I thought he was down for the night, but woke up at 9:30 pm wide awake! So we went to get some food for our suite at the grocery store and then we went swimming!

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