Friday, June 20, 2008

Our Vacation - Day 6 - Part 1

Adventure Aquarium was on the agenda for today. We took a little drive in Camden Nj. The aquarium was alot of fun. I love looking at the fish and sharks.
Daddy...Look at those! Dave's Favorite...the penguins

I love this picture! Who knew Nemo Lived at the Adventure Aquarium
The starfish were resting so we couldn't touch them.
Mommy & Me!
They actually have two Hippos to watch. If you could get over the smell, it was pretty cool!
Touching the Sharks Touching the stingrays

Shark Tunnel
Family picture!
Watching the fish swim

View of the City and the Deleware River from Camden
Old Home of Cambells Soup

Thanks for looking...more to come!

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