Monday, August 18, 2008

Friday, August 8, 2008

What the Heck!

It was cool out this morning and then it got humid later in the morning. Then this afternoon it was kinda overcast and then sun was popping in and out of the clouds. Then BOOM and these things started falling from the sky. Good size hail all over the place. It looked like popcorn popping all over our somewhat grassy lawn. Mind you we have planted seed 2x this year but it doesn't want to grow.

Then a few more BOOMS and the rain started really falling. Puddles in the mud & grass.
And this furry little one was not happy. She was sitting practically on my foot shaking in fear. Poor thing.

Now the sun is trying to come out. Go figure...welcome to New England!

Wednesday, August 6, 2008

Recent Scrapbooking Layouts

My dear friend gave me a huge amount of her leftover scraps because she knew I would use them all up. She is so generous and knows how I can run low on paper (LOL). This is an ongoing joke because I actually have enough supplies to last me many many years.

Here is what I came up with and then a two layouts I did with some older Classic Pooh stuff I had. Please don't mind the poor quality pictures. My camera is going in very soon because something is really wrong with it. I have been procrastinating on getting it fixed but now it is really bad. I would go today but with all this rain, I may wait until tomorrow. Oh and cute pic of lil D being well...cute! He is such a little ham!

This first layout is the only that photographed with the right colors. The other ones have been toned down because they are over saturated.