Wednesday, October 22, 2008

Halloween Garbage Truck Costume

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David loves Garbage and Recycling trucks. I guess it is kinda my fault. We are always home on Monday mornings when the trucks come by for the weekly pick up. When he was about 2 I would tell him to look outside. The closer he got to 3 years old, he was fascinated. He loved everything about them. He loves recycling too. If you ask him "when you grow up, what do you want to be?" The answer is always " A garbage man!". Then we will say "Don't you want to just own the company" and he always says "NO! I just want to be the garbage man!".

So, while trying to be the best mommy out there, in late August/early September, I promised my son he could be a garbage man for Halloween Trick or Treat. A few weeks following, he informed me not only was he going to be a "Garbage Man" he was also going to be a Garbage Truck. (insert eyes rolling blinkie LOL)

Most people would just make a cardboard cut out for a garbage truck costume. But not this Mom! I know my son too well. He is probably going to want to wear this costume weeks after Halloween. Perhaps he will be posing for Christmas Pictures in the costume. Also with the unpredictable New England weather, if it rains, well cardboard and poster paint get a little too messy. I think that is just a disaster waiting to happen.
Here is my design of what I wanted the basic costume to look like.

Off to Joann's I went to buy fabric. Plain green, shiny green with silver, silver, white, black, brown, buttons etc. Then wooden dowels, plastic dowels (which I really need more of), batting for the inside, fusible webbing. Don't ask how much $ this has added up to! Oh then the orange shirt and hat, gloves, green work pants, brown shoes and Waste Management patches that I found on ebay.
So as of tonight, this is what has been constructed. I still have to add on the features on the cab on the truck (windows, grill, lights etc). Then I need to attach the tires and then the straps to go around lil D so he can wear the costume.

I will be so glad when this is finished and ready to wear. Like the crazy crafter I am, I already have some other sewing projects lined up. Just no more Halloween Costumes for now!
Thanks for looking!
UPDATED: 10-25-08 The costume was finished very late last night but it looks great and my little Garbage Man is very happy with it!!! Here is a picture of the completed costume.


Karen said...

You've been tagged........check out my blog for details.

Mamamia said...

Oh my gosh! My 2 year old grandson waits for the garbage truck every week. When I speak with him by phone he talks about the beeeeeeg garbage truck. I would love to try my hand at making this, but am not as crafty as you are!! Would you be willing to share the measurements from front to back and the width and height? Also, any suggestions for a beginner?

Cielo said... son absolutely adores garbage trucks and that's all that he wants to be for halloween..unfortunately im not as artsy as you =( do you still have this costume? Are you planning to sell it? =)If so please respond and i'll give you my email..Thank you so much!!

Green In OC said...

My niece LOVES the garbage man and his truck. She actually swoons when she speaks of him!!

I thought about getting her a costume for his upcoming birthday and found your blog.

You are VERY talented, that costume is adorable!!

Maybe you should mass produce them and sell them!

Kelly S. said...

Stumbled across your costume and it is Fabulous! My son wants to be a grabage man for Halloween (and everyday)
DO you sell these?
Please let me know...Thank you!!

Katie said...

Hi, while searching for a how to for a garbage truck costume, I found your blog! Would you be willing to sell a garbage truck costume? My 5 year old is completely set on being one for Halloween this year :D