Sunday, October 12, 2008

Leaf Peepers

Friday, Lil D and I drove around our neighborhood and took some pictures of the beautiful changing leaves. The foliage is in full force and is it is so beautiful when the sky is bright blue and sun is shining thru the leaves. I love all the bright colors.

I really enjoyed summer this year. I am sad to see the warm weather go because we had a great time outside. I am not looking forward to heavy winter coats and freezing weather. I never thought I would feel this way but Autumn is bittersweet. While I love seeing the colorful trees, going apple & pumkin picking, and the fun of trick or treating, I know that winter is right around the corner.
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Karen said...

Beautiful Pictures!!! I need to get some, just in my back yard the trees look so awesome. Love this time of the year, did you know that? I get very sad once the leaves are all gone. My entire back yard is dead, hate that.