Thursday, November 13, 2008

Being Suzy Homemaker

Tuesday was Veteran's Day so there was no preschool. We baked "upcakes" and of course had to frost them in yummy colors with sprinkles. They came out really yummy. I only have oversized cupcake tins and mini tins so these came out 1/2 size because the tins were too big. It is good though because it is just the right ratio for cupcake and frosting. Lil D and I love frosting! I love the look on his face looking at the cupcakes.

Then last night I baked an apple pie!
I just had a little piece (sorry Dave I couldn't wait) and it was super good. We had apples left over from apple picking and they needed to be used up. I also used the pampered chef cinnamon plus which gave it a really nice taste.

With these week's sales & coupons I got a bunch of baking stuff at Walgreens. I am hoping to make a pumpkin pie for Thanksgiving and some cookies. I also will be baking some cookies for Christmas treats for Lil D's preschool. I have two cookie presses and I just need to get a new baking sheet. I am excited to do some baking. It has been a few years since we have done any.

Here is a layout from our second Christmas in our house - December 2002, back when my Kitchen and Dining room were wallpapered in Burgandy and Green. We made so many cookies. Boxes and Boxes of them for everyone.

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