Thursday, November 6, 2008

Dr. David to the Rescue

Target has it's Halloween costumes on sale for 75% off. I was looking for some other things and I saw the doctors outfits. At D's school they do role play in the imagination center all the time, so I thought why not do it at home. D loved the outfit! He lined up Baby Blueberry, Baby Brynn, and Baby Autumn for their Flu Shots. Oh yeah and I think they had Chicken Pox too.

Here is D all geared up. He looks so darn cute!
Flu Shot right in the belly for Baby Blueberry! Ouch!
Luckily Baby Brynn got hers in the leg.
My serious boy! He needed to make sure he had on gloves too. He loves the fact that certain professions wear gloves.

We had lots of fun. First thing this morning he asked if we could play again!
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