Sunday, January 11, 2009

Happy 4th Birthday!

Where has the past 4 years gone! Our little man is celebrating his 4th birthday today. He was so excited when he went to sleep last night. He will be even more excited when he sees his birthday gifts!

Here is a little photo stroll thru memory lane:

Taken on 1/11/09, right before he went to sleep. I had to get a shot of his last day of being 3!!!!

Friday, January 2, 2009

Positional Plagiocephaly Journey

I was surfing around Stirrup Queens tonight, a Friday night ritual I have had for a while. I noticed on the Lost and Found portion of the blog, there was another blogger that was looking for others who have experienced their babies being diagnosed with plagiocephaly. Therefore I am going to blog some pictures of lil D that best explain our Journey. It seems so long ago.

Lets start off with a bit about sleeping. David was an awesome sleeper right from the beginning until he was about 2 years old (that's a whole other story). He would sleep in his bouncer, in his swing, his bassinet, his crib, in his carrier and even his highchair. He would even fall asleep in the middle of eating! Looking back at pictures, I can see that he clearly favored facing more to the right. This picture I like to call "My Champion Sleeper" DH was the first to really notice the flat spot at about 2 months old. It became more prominent as time went on. This picture was taken at 5 months old. The pediatrician first had us do neck strengthening exercises with lil D. Time passed quickly because the pediatrician wanted us to concentrate on the exercises with him to see if it made a difference. But after a few followup appointments and a visit to CHAD we were advised lil D needed a helmet to correct the flat spot.

Here we are at the initial fitting. Lil D loved their tape measure. It was a great distraction for him during the visits.

This photo is of lil D getting his helmet molded. It was pretty hard for all of us. He didn't know what was going on and why everyone was touching his head. We felt bad for him and helpless.

Here he is checking out his mold of the head they made. I think he fell asleep shortly after that.

First day with the new helmet. We decorated it with fish stickers. (notice how smart my little boy is reading at only 7 months old!!!)

View of the back of the helmet. I wanted to post this picture because sometimes we were glad he had the helmet. Lil D is extremely active and a little daredevil. Not only was it shaping his head, it was protecting it! I remember this day clearly. We went to a birthday party and he wore his helmet. It was a little hard at first but after we started talking to the other parents at the party, they all were familiar with someone else's child or children that had a helmet.
Sleeping in the highchair with his helmet on. It didn't seem to bother him at all sleeping.

Hey Man! What the heck is this thing on my head!!!!

Never mind the thing on my head - what are these things on my feet!!! Sneakers you call them - get em off now!!!!

Helmet Graduation!!!! November 2005. Again with his favorite tape measure. They insured me that they disinfected it between patients.
And here is our handsome and healthy almost 4 year old Rockin' Out on New Years Eve! He is quite the little Party Animal!

As a side note: This past summer when we were on vacation, there was a family that had a little one with a plagio helmet. My son was saying hi! to the baby, as he usually does with any baby, and I was sure to tell that parents that my son had a helmet too and even though it seems hard at the time, it goes by quickly. I am not sure if my comment was welcome or not but hopefully it helped them.