Friday, February 13, 2009

"Mom can I borrow the car to go to work?"

and other funny things a 4 year old says...

ME: Ummmm no I don't think so.
So then with a little sass he says : "We'll then can you drive me to work?"
ME: [thinking to myself] when did I get a 16 year old?

Then of course he got the usual speech that it would be extremely dangerous for a person under 16 to try and drive and it is against the law and it would be a very very bad thing. Then Big D chimed in that his legs wouldn' be long enough and he probably wouldn't be able to see over the steering wheel.

One day he said to me "Mom while you get showered I will go ahead and go outside and warm up the car for you" That day I was sure to double lock the door and hide the keys before I got showered.

Backstory: He talks about his "work" all the time. And his co-workers just happen to have all the same names as his dad's coworkers. Except for jobs they sweep the floor, work in the cafeteria, clean up garbage etc. You a garbage man does. Oh but one female co-worker "L" hands out cherries to little boys. How funny is that one! When he was 2 1/2 we stopped by Dad's real work and L was eating cherries and gave him one. I guess he remembered it and he figured that must be what she does for a job.

I asked him today what he does. He replied with clean my garbage trucks and dry them, then feed them and tuck them in so they can sleep. And then he has paperwork to do. He is so cute - Daddy is his Hero and he wants to be like him. Well except that fact that he wants to be a sanitation "engineer".
This is a "TV" he built all by himself with his Kids Knex. I though it was very good that he put that all together himself. Oh and he can zip up his jacket himself too which is very helpful for getting ready in the morning!

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Karen said...

I didn't know he could zip his jacket, that is so great!!! Holly's working on it but hasn't been able to get it yet. But Allison can unzip her jacket and take it off herself!

I'm glad you posted the picture of his TV. I had no idea what the kids knex looked like, now I know. Thanks!