Sunday, March 1, 2009

MrsScrapDiva Uses Coupons!

Yes! It is true. I do use coupons and I shop clearance. (I love shopping clearance for clothes and craft items) My couponing started with Michaels, Joanne's and ACMoore Coupons. Never pay full price there because there is always at least a 40% of coupon. They also do take each others' coupons on most items. I also use Dunkin Donuts coupons when possible. I love iced lattes with skim milk but they are $3.45! without a coupon.

These Making Memories kits were $14.99. I got them on clearance for $1.49. I got them mostly for the flowers, buttons and stickers. I got 4 of them (one for Karen!)
My husband and I have also started using coupons in the mail like $10 off $10 to Bob's stores and to Kohls. These don't come very often but it is a great way to stock up on socks or smaller items = all for free!

Other great coupons are online printables and sign up coupons that they mail to you. This was a huge savings on Baby Formula when David was a baby. Anyone expecting that is going to use formula should sign up for Emfamil, Similac and also Good Start for all the freebies! Always use coupons for diapers and wipes too!

My friend Frugal RI Mama (aka Karen) has a great list of freebies on her website (lots of other great info too!) This week I got a free sample of Seattle's Best Coffee. I love getting free samples in the mail - much better than bills!

I also shop after Holiday sales and deals. I just got 2 of these Target Valentines placemats. Aren't they adorable! They are really big too so they are great when the little one plays playdoh. I got them dirt cheap along with some Dove chocolate and heart wrapping paper.
This past friday I went out shopping. I used coupons at everyplace I went to.
This is what I got:
First Stop: CVS- not much there on my list. Probably because I waited to late in the week. But I did the Breathe Rite nose strips for 75% off. 2 packages for $3.00 total.

2nd stop: Dunkins for my afternoon lift! - Iced latte - used $1.00 coupon. $3.19 total with tax.

3rd stop: Rite Aid. Now I have to admit that I just recently started going to Rite Aid and Walgreens. I usually shop at Target, Walmart or CVS. But I looked at the flyer first, got out my coupons and then also used a printable $5 off $20. I saved $11.00 by clipping coupons and $4.75 for a free Cheerios. There is also $2.00 rebate that I need to enter on their website for the Toilet paper. Scott regular toilet paper was 20 rolls for $13.99 minus $2 rebate = $11.99 for 20 rolls which is 59cents a roll. Some of the coupons I used also were off clearance items that were in with the regular items (mostly toothbrushes and toothpaste). I spent $21.74 total spent.

Last stop Shaws. Shaws does have good deals but Hannaford is cheaper on most items. Shaws does have perks though. I saved $30.65 total with coupons and deals offered, got $5 off my next purchase and 10cents off each gallon of gas at Irving. I spent $69.81 total. (This included bakery items that didn't have coupons etc but they just looked yummy)

Today I Spent $93.73

I Saved $56.13

Savings of almost 38%!

In closing, I just want to say that I am not a hardcore coupon user but even using a few coupons here and there saves money and you get get items dirt cheap. Why pay full price if there is a coupon. At first it is a little time consuming to once you get into rhythm it works. Also buying in bulk is a savings. For example, when going thru the CVS, Walgreens, Rite Aid or grocery flyers, use a calculator and figure out how much bulk paper towels and toilet paper are with your coupon. It is much cheaper - save 55 cents vs. 79cents to buy more. I takes a little reorganizing your closet but it is a better deal. Oh and there are plenty of "healthy" coupons out there - you just have to look.

In the coming weeks I am:

1) making a coupon binder

2) planning weekly menus for dinner

3) I am hoping to just do grocery shopping only on paycheck weeks. We do spend alot in groceries but I want to streamline the process a little more.

Thanks for reading!

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